Job Title


Hospital Manager Function/Department Operations


Reports To Group Head of Operations
Scope Hospital Location Meridian Equator Hospital
Main Purpose of the Job (Job Summary)

Responsible for the general administration of the hospital. You will be expected to make ensure Meridian Equator Hospital is employing effective and efficient practices that deliver the best patient care and ensure the hospital meets its strategic performance objectives.

Main Responsibilities
●      Set budgets and departmental goals

●      Create budgets and oversee expenditures to ensure that they remain within budget guidelines

●      Strategize and implement processes to improve efficiency and quality of care

●      Oversee financial operations including the hospital's credit control, billing and petty cash administration

●      Ensure the facility’s regulatory and legal compliance and oversee risk reduction in the facility

●      Communicate effectively with departments and staff regularly

●      Oversee work schedules, supplies, and budgets

●      Communicate with other managers to resolve issues and make decisions regarding patient care

●      Efficient staffing

○      Ensure optimal staff levels as well as efficient use of overtime and locums.

○      Ensuring that all staff members are qualified to perform their jobs by conducting performance evaluations and, in consultation with HR, making hiring decisions when needed

○      Identify training gaps and liaise with HR to facilitate training

○      Ensure staff within the unit are highly motivated and minimize staff attrition rates by

○      Regular staff engagement and monthly staff meetings

○      Promptly addressing staff concerns

○      Reward, Recognition and Discipline

■      Disciplinary action (with proper cause) is undertaken without undue delay and per defined policies

○      Staff supervision

●      Ensure that the facility has the necessary equipment, ensure that they are in good working conditions and that necessary supplies are availed.

●      Monitor the turnaround time of services, and consultations and rectify any deviations.

●      Ensure the facility is financially viable and demonstrates growth.

○      Increase the services offered in the facility: Keep pace with market developments and introduce services to ensure the sustainable growth of the hospital.

○      Regularly meeting with hospital stakeholders including admitting consultants, payers and business partners and addressing their concerns, ensuring an enabling environment.

●      Lead Marketing activities to ensure growth in client numbers

●      Ensure financial objectives are met by;

○      Managing costs within budget,

○      Timely and accurate billing of drugs and services.

○      Ensuring an invoice rejection rate of < 3% by enforcing exclusions, seeking pre-authorizations and proper documentation.

●      Ensure that Meridian Health Group’s corporate governance policies are adhered to.

○      Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity

○      Fully implement audit recommendations

○      Ensure Quality of Care and Quality of Service:

○      Ensure that the resources needed to provide quality care are available in the hospital;

○      Required HR

○      Required Equipment (all critical equipment should be in place and working)

○      Required Supplies (all supplies should be available with the monitoring of critical supplies; water, electricity, oxygen, theatre gases, PPEs, and critical pharmaceuticals)

○      Required statutory and regulatory compliance.

●      Ensure the implementation of Meridian Health Group’s quality policies

○      Review and act on quality indicator reports and implementation of QIPs.

○      Ensure all incidents are recorded and reported within stipulated timelines using the provided tools

●      Patient satisfaction:

○      Ensure patient satisfaction through quality of care, communication, feedback and escalation,

●      Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description

Key Deliverables of this position
Superb patient experience

Efficient hospital operations

Sustainable hospital profitability

Academic & Professional Qualifications
Essential Desirable
● Have a relevant bachelor’s degree preferably in the Medical field.

● 5 + years of experience in a hospital environment with 2+ years as a manager.

● A master's degree in health care administration, business administration or a postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management


Work Experience & Skills
Essential Desirable
● Knowledge of the hospital and healthcare industry with familiarity with medical terminology

● Hands-on experience working with spreadsheets and other data analysis tools

● In-depth understanding of various healthcare regulations and laws

● Ability to supervise and lead a large team of professionals from various departments

● Previous experience working in a healthcare facility or senior management in a similar organization
Key Competencies
Essential Desirable
Good administrative skills Good ethical judgement and relationship building
Strong problem-solving, training, team-building, and mentoring abilities Good industry knowledge
Participation and teamwork Critical thinking
Good management knowledge IT skills consisting of Word, PowerPoint and Excel programs
Excellent written and verbal communication skills Adaptability and quick thinking.


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